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Recognised by the Institution of the Royal Family

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Established in 1998, Chelsea Staff Bureau provides household/domestic staff to family houses, large estates and palaces in the UK, France, Switzerland, Middle-East and Russia.
Since 2008, we also provide yacht crew.

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At Chelsea Staff Bureau International our main endeavour is to make available the finest domestic staff to families as well as large estates in Chelsea and other regions of the country. As a leading domestic staff agency we boast a large client profile that consists of several celebrities as well as royals who are seeking household staff in London for their private estates, yachts and palaces.

What makes us different?
Some of the things that sets us apart as a top domestic staff agency include:
  1. Our vast experience in recruitment of household staff in London.
  2. A very successful staff placement record, where almost 90% of domestic staff recruitments by us has been successful.
  3. We make sure all candidates have CCS (DBS) clearance and they are properly screened be it for nanny jobs, butler jobs, chef jobs or housekeeping jobs.
  4. Unrivalled database of four thousand domestic staff.

Worldwide Recognition
We have also been listed as one of the best staffing agencies in the world by ‘Celeb Staff’ which is a US Publication. Established in the year 1998, we have always been industry leaders in fulfilling staff requirements and also meet domestic staff requirements in other countries such as Russia, Middle East, Switzerland and France.